18 Must-Follow Venture Capitalist Twitter Accounts

You can’t go wrong with the mix of inspiration and news that these VCs provide on social media. It’s the next best thing to getting an MBA.

18 Must-Follow Venture Capitalist Twitter Accounts
[Photos: Flickr users Tax Credits, Peter Halling Hilborg]

The world and parlance of venture capital can be tough to navigate and inscrutable, respectively. However, by following some new Twitter accounts, you can get a better handle of VC life and even learn a thing or two.


1. Mark Cuban
The Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank panelist is as good a place to start as any. He “gets” Twitter. He promotes his basketball team and the different products he’s invested in, but he’s always quick with a useful link.

2. Kevin Rose
A partner at Google Ventures and founder of Digg, Kevin Rose is a bit of an Internet maven. He uses his feed to bring awareness to interesting projects and companies as well as wish people a happy Thanksgiving.

3. Marc Andreessen
Whether you think he’s a visionary or Silicon Valley’s answer to Chicken Little, Marc Andreessen is entertaining on Twitter. He goes on a lot of tweet storms on a variety of topics, whether it’s bitcoin or how the startup market will dry up.

4. Peter Fenton
Peter Fenton is on the board at Twitter, so this one is pretty inside-baseball, but he provides a nice mix of news and glimpses (and Vines, lots of Vines) at his (charmed) San Francisco life.


5. Dave McClure
Another insider-y follow, Dave McClure provides real talk and some humor about startup life.

6. Eileen Burbidge
Eileen Burbidge provides a lot of real-talk, wisdom, and industry scuttlebutt, usually with humor.

7. Esther Dyson
Esther Dyson has had just about every job one can have in tech. She tweets a lot about what’s happening at this or that conference, and is always quick to recommend an account to follow or link to something interesting.


8. Reid Hoffman
Yes, Reid Hoffman is a LinkedIn cofounder, but he’s also a good Twitterer. He sends out a lot of tweets with news and opinion as well as interesting links. He might even get you to take LinkedIn more seriously.

9. Josh Kopelman
News and wisdom are Josh Kopelman’s forte, but he also has some fun on the platform.


10. David Cowan
David Cowan is quick to provide a link to a funny video or another bit of humor, a piece of news, or one of his own stray thoughts.

11. Mike Maples
Mike Maples is quick to fire off a link or his opinion about a subject like criticism of Marissa Mayer. He’s pretty good at hashtag games, too.

12. John Doerr
As much of a social activist as he is an entrepreneur, John Doerr is always linking out to interesting articles or projects. He’s proof that you can be a VC and have a conscience.


13. Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson is always sending a link to his site or something else that’s usually worth checking out.

14. David Sze
David Sze will tweet and he will tweet a lot whether it’s about the news of the day, or a supportive RT of a promising-sounding new project.

15. Anthony Noto
Anthony Noto is sort of an undervalued asset. It’s sort of a cheat to include him on this list, but the Twitter CFO is just ridiculously entertaining on his company’s platform and really lets the human side show when tweeting about his rabid football fandom.


16. Bijan Sabet
Bijan Sabet was an early investor in Twitter and draws attention to interesting things on the web like a cool Kickstarter campaign, but he’s most interested in sharing his budding photography skills. He’s very subtly an aspirational figure.

17. George Zachary
George Zachary is involved in so many tech companies that it’s hard to keep count. He always seems to have an aphorism ready to go as well. #makesyouthink

18. Kent Goldman
Kent Goldman is an interesting fellow. He provides a good mix of links to news items and observations that don’t strain credulity as much as they appear to.