R/GA Founder Bob Greenberg On Why He Works Harder Now at 66 Than He Ever Has

It’s time to rethink our definition of retirement.

Bob Greenberg, the legendary CEO and chairman of ad agency R/GA, sits down on this latest episode of Generation Flux. Despite being “retired,” Greenberg says he works harder than ever.

“I’m never comfortable,” says Greenberg. “The dreams and ideas are bigger than before.” And that’s because he has a different idea of retirement: “Retirement isn’t what people think. Retirment is probably doing 85% of what you like. Then you’re retired. My goal is to always be retired that way, not retired like my father, who left something he was doing, stopped working, and started to sort of deconstruct in front of my eyes.

The secret to growing old and staying vital, says Greenberg, is “You always have to be growing, you always have to be changing.”


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