27 of the Best, Funniest, Lamest, Strangest Or Otherwise Memorable Tweets in 2014

Between brand mistakes to the selfie heard ’round the globe, it was a big year for tweets.

27 of the Best, Funniest, Lamest, Strangest Or Otherwise Memorable Tweets in 2014
[Photo: Flickr user Maryland GovPics]

What the hell happened in 2014? It can be hard to remember that it was only a few weeks ago that “The Interview” was a b-list comedy and The New Republic was a normal magazine. To jog your memory, we’ve collected some of the best (and worst) in Twitter over the past year. You might have felt outraged or ecstatic, but it was rarely dull.


1. PR company Strange Fruit changed its named to Perennial PR this year after an outcry (that originated on Twitter, naturally) about the company’s poorly chosen name. A parody account emerged soon after that took the PR firm to task.

2. Queen Elizabeth joined the micro-blogging service in 2014 with the stiff upper lip attitude that British royalty can sometimes be known for.

3. The Central Intelligence Agency joined Twitter this year and to celebrate making it to their one-month Twitterversary answered some questions that followers had sent with its tongue-in-cheek style.

In November, the CIA had some more fun by fact-checking the Oscar-winning film Argo.

4. Speaking of the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres hosted this year’s ceremony and took a selfie with several stars during the broadcast. The resulting tweet is the most-retweeted tweet of all time.


5. Chances are you’re not familiar with Matthew Lush, but he’s a bit of a star on YouTube. Well, while traveling for Thanksgiving, he ran into some problems at the airport and unleashed a string of tweets attacking a Jet Blue employee. He ended up getting bounced from his flight and being banned by Jet Blue.

6. Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto flubbed when he was caught in a DM fail discussing a potential deal for the company.

7. Tesla Motors head Elon Musk took to Twitter to tease a new model of car the company was producing. The curiously phrased tweet caused some juvenile snickers, but also led to some excitement and raised share prices.

8. Marc Andreessen is a fiery Twitter personality. He’s a tech-biz lifer and freely speaks his mind, but he raised some eyebrows when he warned that the startup market can’t possibly last forever and that we will see which companies will be left standing.

9. Marvel Studios has become one of the most innovative and reliable movie studios, rivaling Pixar in those qualities. Avengers:Age of Ultron will be released in 2015, and it’s not hard to imagine that movie outpacing its predecessors $1.5 billion take at box offices world wide. Marvel’s marketing plan for the much-anticipated blockbuster was initially a synergy opportunity as well: the first trailer for the film was set to premiere during a commercial break of the TV program Agents of SHIELD, but somehow the trailer was leaked to the internet days before the episode was to air. Marvel was able to save face by releasing the trailer online officially and sending out a clever tweet blaming it on the fictional baddies its heroes clash with on the big screen.


10. Everyone with an iPhone was surprised on September 9th when they discovered a new, un-purchased album in their libraries that could not be deleted: U2’s “Songs of Innocence.” After a bevy of complaints and criticism, Apple released a patch that removes the album from a user’s iTunes. Amazon, in an effort to needle their rival, poked some fun at the situation when they announced that the album was now available on their Prime Music service. They quickly deleted the tweet.

11. Comedian Billy Eichner is known for his “Billy on the Street” act and unique style of interviewing. He noticed a few similarities between his well-known act and a new campaign from Burger King and he was not pleased.

12. Facebook investor Peter Thiel called out Twitter this year, calling it a “horribly mismanaged” company. His hypothesis for the reason behind this mismanagement? Smoking too much pot. Twitter CEO Dick Costello responded to the remarks with aplomb.

13. Microsoft bought the young-skewing, wildly popular game Minecraft this year for $2.5 billion dollars which lead to this humorous tweet.

14. Adam Levine was everywhere in 2014. He was his usual self on NBC’s The Voice and Maroon 5’s newest album “V” had a lot of singles on it that ear-wormed their way into our lives by appearing in seemingly every commercial. He got caught in a bit of a snag though when, just days after appearing at a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and joking about burning iPhones, eagle-eyed scoops noticed that he’d tweeted from an iPhone about an upcoming appearance.


15. There was inarguably any more thrilling moment this year than the U.S. men’s national team’s World Cup victory against Ghana, the nation that knocked the USMNT from 2010’s tournament. Delta committed a bit of a flub when they tweeted this (quickly deleted) bit of praise and patriotism that betrayed a lack of knowledge about Ghana.

16. Ali Rowghani, the now-former COO at Twitter, graciously announced his exit from the company on Twitter.

17. Chobani was hit with a copyright lawsuit over the use of the phrase “How Matters” in this tweet.

18. Tough year for police on social media. When the NYPD asked for Twitter users to send in photos of themselves with an officer using the hashtag #MyNYPD, users quickly turned to sending in photos of police brutality. It was their NYPD, after all.

19. When Bill Gates speaks, people listen. It means a lot when he throws his name (and resources) behind something like vaccines, which he did this year when he tweeted out a pro-vaccine infographic.


20. Katherine Heigl was photographed by paparazzi exiting a Duane Reade location. However, when Duane Reade repurposed the photo for a tweet (since deleted), the actress sued the drugstore chain (the suit has since been dropped).

21. The Colbert Report’s Twitter account made a tweet that was not taken as intended, leading to #cancelColbert trending. Actor Jeffrey Wright was one of the many that supported the show. While Colbert was not canceled, he did leave Comedy Central to take over David Letterman’s time slot on CBS.

22. Everyone likes an anonymous Twitter account, especially one that provides gossip in an industry like finance or media. Well, after the identity of the user behind @GSElevator, which took snippets of conversation from the elevators at Goldman Sachs, was revealed. Writer Lauren Bans decided to out herself as the person behind @CondeElevator, an account that provided a similar service about the elevators at Conde Nast.

23. #WhyIStayed was a powerful hashtag where women told their stories of abuse from partners. However, as so often happens, a brand saw the hashtag and decided to add to it without fully realizing the context. It was DiGiorno’s and it was embarrassing.

24. A Super Bowl commercial for Cheerios featuring a biracial family caused the sort of waves that would be expected for such a widely seen advertisement. However, a MSNBC staffer was fired for politicizing that response in a link to the TV spot.


25. Martin Luther King Day saw some questionable tweets, but none as groan-worthy as ZzzQuil’s who needed to be reminded that MLK was much more concerned with people staying awake.

26. When Woody Allen was honored at the Golden Globes, it was a culminating point for a stories career. However, the son of his estranged ex Mia Farrow was not as warm towards the filmmaker, sending a tweet that kicked off a firestorm and reexamination of a long-closed case.

27. U.S. Airways sent inarguably the tweet of the year when their response to a customer complaint featured boilerplate text and a pornographic image featuring a model of one of the airline’s fleet.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what your favorite Twitter moment of the year was.