Here’s 3 Minutes Of Daredevils Being Unbelievably Awesome In 2014

Trampoline basketball, unicycle flipping, and snowboard inferno comprise merely a sampling of some of the fearless daredevilry captured on this year’s People Are Awesome compilation.

The annual supercut assembled by YouTubers People Are Awesome was released on December 17 and has already racked up several hundred thousand views and counting. That’s because half the people featured in the video look like they’re totally about to die, but then they don’t, which makes for a series of thrilling vignettes that all have happy endings. With mind states set somewhere between brave and suicidal (hope the dude who jumped off a bridge from a moving U-Haul is okay!), the people in this year’s Awesome hang from buildings, synchronize golf putts, defy gravity any number of ways, and perform miraculous feats of yogic acrobatics. It will make you feel a lot safer for not currently being engaged in a series of wind-flips, but also jealous of those who are.

Watch the video People Are Awesome 2013 below.