• 12.29.14

Creators Of The Year: 18 People Who Made The World More Creative in 2014

Creators we loved–from movies, TV, advertising, and beyond.

It’s hard out there for a creator. Someone looking to conceive, execute, and distribute something original faces countless hurdles. First, well, you have to think of an idea. In our age of endless distractions, it’s a huge step to be able to just hear the first intimations of brilliance bubble up in your head for all the noise (and, really, there’s just so much out there to consume already…). Then you have to, you know, write something or record something, and probably do it for a long time until your idea becomes a complete thing. And if you work in Hollywood, or advertising, or some other creative machine, you have to convince someone to buy and produce your idea in the way you intended it to be produced, when all they care about is international sales and likability and research findings. If it’s just you, you either have to convince other people to pay for your project, or figure out a way to pay for it and get it in front of people yourself. And then when you do create something new, against all odds, you have to deal with people saying all kinds of misguided things about you, and it.


So, it’s hard to make something. And it’s nearly impossible to create anything good (and yes, wiseass commenters, we know that includes websites). All year, we bring together creative stories from range of creative people including film directors, TV show creators, writers, and editors to ad creatives, strategists, artists, CMOs, CEOs, photographers, illustrators, tech developers, and many more people who can’t be categorized but that fall under the general heading of people who made things or caused things to be made.

Here, a selection of the creators who prevailed, and whose stories and methods most stuck with us.

May they be inspiration to you to clear away your own hurdles, to conquer whatever your own version of People Who Only Care About International Sales is, and make that thing you want to make.