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Relive The Great Christmas Memories You’ve Formed With Your TV Friends And Family With This Supercut

Nostalgic for those great times around the tree with Alf and the Fresh Prince?

It’s nearly Christmas, which means that all the memories of Christmases we’ve watched our favorite TV characters enjoy are once more fresh on our minds. We can remember with fond nostalgia the magic of the Christmas celebration that Sabrina and her aunts enjoyed; the joy on the faces of Zach, Jessie, Kelly, and Slater as they held up their tree feels like it happened only yesterday; even memories as distant as when the tree fell on Fred and Barney are triggered anew as the holidays approach. Also, we probably did some nice things with our own families too in that time. Who can remember?

If you’ve got a hankering for some nostalgia with your TV friends this Christmas, though, the Television Christmas Tree Supercut from VKMTV Studios is here for you. The video, which runs just over two minutes, features footage from around a hundred shows, spanning TV history: Gilligan’s Island, The Andy Griffith Show, and Hogan’s Heroes all the way through to The Big Bang Theory and Parks And Recreation. The supercut doesn’t ignore animated series, either: cult favorites from Darkwing Duck and Super Mario World are represented along with all-stars like The Simpsons and Batman: The Animated Series. Christmas is the happiest time of the year, after all–why wouldn’t you want to revisit the memories you formed with the people you love most?

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