The 7 Most Shareable Collaborative Consumption Stories Of 2014

Is ownership over? Not quite. But sharing is fundamentally changing business–for the better and worse.


The sharing economy, collaborative economy–whatever you want to call it, the new economy where people “share” instead of buying or owning is growing exponentially. That trend only intensified in 2014. (Check out where we were last year here). Experiences are becoming more important than luxury physical items for many people, and millennials are increasingly opting to not buy cars.


On the whole, Americans are changing consumption habits to reflect a desire for quality over quantity. Savvy companies see this happening, and are trying to adapt as best they can. So, apparently, are doctors.

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1: The Collaborative Economy Is Exploding, And Brands That Ignore It Are Out Of Luck

Rides, houses, power tools: You can share almost anything today, and the number of people sharing is growing every day. If you’re a company that only sells to consumers and doesn’t help them share, you may want to rethink your plans.

2: This “Airbnb For Skills” Will Liberate You From Your 9 To 5


Can Avbl take the gig economy to the next level?

3: Stop Accumulating Stuff And Start Accumulating Experiences

Could you spend a month and have bought nothing physical by the end of it?

4: Millennials Don’t Care About Owning Cars, And Car Makers Can’t Figure Out Why

Driving numbers are down for younger people and the auto industry hasn’t found a way to respond. It’s because they don’t understand why millennials could possibly not want to drive.


5: Gig Economy Explosion: 53 Million American Freelancers Are Their Own Bosses

That’s 34% of the workforce.

6: Why The New American Workforce Wants Better Consumption, Not Just More

While spending might be up for the richest 1%, the rest of Americans are quietly revolutionizing the economy, reshaping their spending habits to reflect a desire for quality over quantity.

7: Boston Doctors Can Now Prescribe Bike-Share Membership To Patients


How did no one think of this before?

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