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Watch It: Adult Swim’s New Nightmare Is A Pop-Up Ad You Can’t Skip Past

A video packaged as “Unedited Footage of a Bear” turns into something much more harrowing once it’s interrupted by an ad that refuses to end.

Adult Swim’s 4 a.m. infomercial series continues to surprise and delight with a new entry that ditches laughs for pure mind-fuckery. “Unedited Footage of a Bear” begins exactly as its title indicates, until a pop-up ad takes over, goes off the rails, crashes into the ground, and breaks through to the other side–a hellish multiverse from which there is no escape.

Created by Alan Resnick and Ben O’Brien from the Baltimore-based comedy crew Wham City, Unedited Footage of a Bear takes the grimmest elements of the maniacally meta Too Many Cooks and stays the course. The ad that interrupts said bear footage is for a drug called Claridryl, whose function is vague at best.

“Sometimes being a mom is like having to be in two places at once,” says the star of the ad as she tries to keep up with her two children at a playground. In the language of infomercials: there’s got to be a better way! Once we see how the use of Claridryl affects the rest of this poor woman’s day, however, and it would spoil the video to describe too much of it, we can probably all agree that there has got to be another better way.

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