Johnnie Walker Takes A Stroll Through New Year’s Eve In A Single Shot

Back in 2009, Johnnie Walker created a stunning brand film “The Man Who Walked Around The World,” with Robert Carlyle breaking down the brand’s history in one single take while walking through the Scottish Highlands.

Now the brand and agency BBH New York have gone back to the single shot approach with “The Next Step,” a stroll through New Year’s Eve. We meet a gentleman at a patio party and follow him as he goes from there, to the city streets, to a suit shop, out of an airplane, running in a field, into a business meeting and finally, back at another party. Each scene is connected and on a moving set. It’s brilliantly choreographed, just maybe don’t take its inspiring message too seriously. Your boss may frown upon drinking a bunch of whisky before bursting into a work meeting and jumping up on the boardroom table.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below.