The 11 Most Delicious Food Stories Of 2014

Dig in to our favorite meals from the past year.


As legalization spread throughout the states, marijuana emerged as the big new food ingredient of 2014. In Seattle, a marijuana restaurant opened for customers. Don’t want to make the trek? Residents of states where marijuana is legal can also get a buzz from Legal’s line of cannabis-infused beverages. Meanwhile, Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons, attracted attention last year not only for his new marijuana business, but also for his successful coffee company.


A number of stories also examined the future of food, from Soylent-like meals and devices that can scan food for nutrients to grilled cheese delivered by parachute and other on-demand meals.

In the meantime, Americans are still struggling to figure out the food system (we thought they might figure it out after last year’s list, but no)–in fact, most people don’t know what “organic” means even though they’re willing to pay more for it. Here’s one thing people are more confident about, however: mints are better than gum.

The full list of the top food stories of 2014 is below.

1: How Bob Marley’s Son Learned From Failure And Started A Multi-Million Dollar Coffee Company

As a 20-something looking for his purpose, Rohan Marley found it by going back to his roots.


2: The Sandwiches At This Restaurant Are Amazing—Because They’re Getting You Super High

With THC-infused sandwiches, the MagicalButter Studio–Seattle’s first marijuana restaurant–is practically destined for 5-star reviews.

3: A Deceptively Simple Plate Designed To Stop Your Overeating

A simple graphic gives dieters a reality check every time they dine.

4: Americans Will Pay More For Organic, But They Also Have No Idea What “Organic” Means


The food marketers have won.

5: You Won’t Recognize Your Dinner In 50 Years (But Don’t Worry, It’s Still Food)

Echoes of Soylent. But more colorful.

6: The Future Of Food, Mapped Out For The Next 10 Years

One meal in San Francisco provides a glimpse at the future of food–and it sure looks fancy.


7: This Grilled Cheese Restaurant Delivers You Your Sandwich By Parachute

This “float down eatery” in Melbourne brings you your lunch in the most delightful way.

8: Instead Of Drinking Beer, Now You Can Buy Drinkable Marijuana

Each of four flavors in the “Legal” cannabis-infused drink line promises a different kind of buzz.

9: Why Nobody Likes To Chew Gum Anymore


It used to be a symbol of youth to chew gum. Now, the long-favored American breath freshener needs an image makeover.

10: This Is What 200 Calories Looks Like

Guess what: 200 calories of carrots is a whole lot different than 200 calories of a candy bar.

11: We Took The Laser Scanner That Tells You What’s In Your Food Out For A Spin

The Indiegogo hit Tellspec scanner shoots a laser at your food and counts the calories and nutritional data. But is it just vaporware? We tried one out.


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