The 13 Coolest, Craziest Lists Of 2014

It’s a list of lists!

If you do much reading online (and presumably you do), you probably have seen a lot of listicles (“list” plus “article,” get it?). You see a lot of them because its better for everyone–writer and reader alike–to produce or consume content in the form of a list. A writer doesn’t have to much bother weaving a pesky narrative, or at least can construct a three or four sentence one followed by a bunch of bullet points or numbers that either put things in a meaningless order or rank them by criteria that most people will not look at. From the reader’s perspective, lists are easy to digest and offer fewer words and even fewer sentences to think about. (You are also psychologically compelled to click on a headline with a number in it.) Most of all publishers and editors like them because lists are often the most clicked on stories and that brings in more ad revenue. It’s a win for all!


And (to my editor who is reading), regarding everything I wrote above, I kid. Some of the lists below actually had a ton of thought put into them. Take our World Changing Ideas list published in early 2014–that was the result of a Fast Company-wide brainstorm, many subsequent meetings, and the reporting of at least of dozen staff.

So what were some of our most popular lists in 2014? Guess what, we’ve provided them in a handy list below, in no particular order.

1: 4 Tips To Help Millennials Find Meaningful Work


Young people today want to do work with purpose. If you’re having a hard time finding that, these lessons can help.

2: 5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans

Americans think it’s normal to hate their jobs. Let us introduce you to the Danish concept of arbejdsglæde. It means happiness at work. Here’s how Danish offices make sure it’s happening.


3: The World-Changing Ideas Of 2014

Bold predictions for the companies, people, and ideas that will impact our lives in the next 12 months.

4: The Smartest Cities In The World


These cities that are doing the best at embracing the future are focusing on improving technology, equality, sharing, civic participation, and more.

5: 8 Amazing Condom Concepts That Actually Feel Good, Funded By The Gates Foundation

Would people use condoms more if they felt better when you were having sex? That’s the million dollar bet the foundation is making in its contest to redesign the rubber, with innovations like condoms that tighten while you have sex.


6: 10 Jobs That You Could Have In 2030

Your job seems normal now. In 15 years, when someone tells you they’re a simplicity expert or a robot counselor, you won’t blink an eye.

7: 5 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Higher Education


What, where, and how will we learn?

8: The 10 Most Livable Global Cities For Balancing Work And Play

Some cities, like New York and Tokyo, offer economic and cultural clout. Others, like Vancouver and Melbourne, offer “comfort.” A new ranking attempts to balance both.


9: 8 Unexpected Ways Technology Will Change The World By 2020

Six years isn’t that long, but the rapid pace of innovation means everything—from education to health care to the Internet itself—could look a lot different by then.

10: The 10 Most Innovative Sustainable Buildings Of 2014


From a net-zero energy historic courthouse in Colorado to a homeless center in Oregon filled with green space, these days, the best sustainable architecture goes far beyond a few rooftop solar panels.

11: 23 Clever Urban Hacks Made From Trash On New York City Streets

Fire hydrants, parking signs, street lights, and other pieces of urban infrastructure can also make city life a little better and more whimsical, with just a few simple twists.


12: The Countries Where Youth Are Doing The Best And The Worst

Which countries are the best for people under 25—who now make up half the world’s population?

13: The 5 Greenest Countries On Earth (And All Of The Rest), Ranked


Want to live in a beautiful nation that protects your health? It turns out Switzerland is your best bet (the chocolate is also good).

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Jessica Leber is a staff editor and writer for Fast Company's Co.Exist. Previously, she was a business reporter for MIT’s Technology Review and an environmental reporter at ClimateWire


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