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A Headbanger Channels Taylor Swift In New Grammys Ad

The Grammys focus on the show’s indelible moments in a new ad campaign.

A Headbanger Channels Taylor Swift In New Grammys Ad

Everyone’s wearing headphones these days. All the time. Headphones running, headphones at work, headphones on the subway, headphones on the street, headphones in the store, headphones in church, headphones at the dinner table, headphones in the toile–okay, you get the idea. But do you ever really know what those headphone wearers are listening to? Sure, you can make assumptions based on wardrobe, age or the general cut of their jib, but we all know what assumptions do.

With a new ad to promote February’s show, from agency TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, The Grammys play on our musical prejudices, while nodding (or headbanging) to the most discussed moments from past Grammys shows. We see a lone headbanger sitting in the train station, swinging his glorious mane to what we assume would be the bone-rattling stylings of Slayer or Motorhead. But no. Instead it’s Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well,” and his cervical-spine-endangering movements are in homage to Swift’s memorable performance of the song at this year’s Grammys.

The second ad of the campaign is a collection of karaoke performances of Lorde’s ubiquitous “Royals.” The agency says the campaign aims to celebrate “the magic of the show itself and the impact that it has on popular culture.” Considering how cozy Lorde and Swift have become, the campaign itself has tapped pop culture for its own inspiration.

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