Jack White Gets Right In Your Face With 3-D VR You Can Watch With Your Tricked-Out Phone

Jack White has come along way since putting a disclaimer on the back of the White Stripes album, Elephant that reads: “No computers were used during the writing, recording, mixing, or mastering of this record.” For his latest project, he’s partnered up with Google.

Whether he’s making a music video in 24 hours or setting up a vinyl-pressing station in his flagship record store, White has been obsessed with innovating for the last several years. As his most recent album Lazaretto awaits next spring’s Grammy coronation, he’s begun making 3-D videos “in stunning cinematic virtual reality”. Google and VR company Jaunt helped White create a DIY 3-D viewer for Android, and three live versions of his songs, now available for your sensory delight.

Third-D, a play on White’s Third Man Records, uses the Google Cardboard VR app to bring a stage-side view of these live performances. In addition to downloading the app, users much also purchase a cardboard cutout, lenses, and some Velcro, to create a sort of lo-fi superhero face plate. Yes, you’re going to look a little silly using it, but this is the future and those are the breaks.

[h/t: Death and Taxes]JB