• 12.11.14

This Holiday Season, Use Gingerbreadbnb, A Much Sweeter Alternative To Airbnb

Book a stay at your favorite gingerbread house and help the homeless.

Even if you’re not going anywhere this holiday season, the people at agency McKinney are hoping you’ll take a little candy vacation to help the homeless. You might not need Airbnb, but with Gingerbreadbnb you can help raise money for Robin Hood, New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization.


Pick from a modern home (gluten-free, natch), rustic cabin or cozy camper and your donation will go to help the 12,000 families with more than 25,000 children who look for shelter every night in New York City. You can select a house to rent for yourself or as a gift. Robin Hood says that every $100 raised will house a family for a night. You might not get a real gingerbread house, but who cares, those construction cookies are usually stale anyway.

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