Now You Can Express Your Feelings With Liam Neeson Action GIFs Thanks To GIF Keyboard

There’s something just magical about how the culture has embraced the action starification of Liam Neeson. This is not the Neeson of Schindler’s List and Love Actually. No, this is the Neeson that straight jacks up them wolves. That Liam Neeson gets people excited. Really excited. So excited that they make GIFs of his intensity. So many GIFs.

Now, to help promote Taken 3–the third installment of the franchise that launched Neeson into tough guy stratosphere–20th Century Fox has partnered with Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard to launch a collection of Neeson and Taken 3 GIFs ahead of the film’s release in early 2015. The GIF Keyboard, if you’re not already communicating exclusively in GIF format, allows users to choose from millions of emotionally tagged GIFs and send right from their keyboards. The Taken 3 content will be available under a variety of tags like #yolo and #goodluck so that users can easily find the GIFs when they’re looking to express a particular emotion. Since it launched in September, the GIF Keyboard app has more than a million downloads and half a billion GIF views.

It’s a fun mobile marketing move for the movie, it’s just too bad there aren’t more GIFs for Neeson’s improv comedy.

GIF Keyboard’s co-founder and CEO, David McIntosh says working with Fox marks the first time they’ve joined forces with a major movie studio and expects more entertainment opportunities to come. “We’re getting a ton of interest from partners looking to promote their content on mobile,” says McIntosh. “We partnered with CollegeHumor and drove over 1 million views/month to their content. Mobile has compressed attentions spans–three seconds is the new three minutes.”JB