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Kevin Bacon Could Be YOUR Spokesman With The Kevin Bacon Commercial Generator

Kevin Bacon and Shop for Good created a local commercial generator to convince small businesses to donate a portion of holiday proceeds to charity.

Ordinarily, if you saw Kevin Bacon in an ad for your local haberdashery, it would probably indicate the former Footloose star had fallen on hard times. If you see him in such an ad now, however, it’s because he’s working to help others through hard times.

Bacon recently teamed up with charity advocacy group Shop for Good to film what amounts to a local commercial generator. Shop for Good facilitates stores sending a portion of customer purchases to a charity of their choosing, and in order to convince businesses to sign up, the company and agency Walrus asked Kevin Bacon to speak up for small businesses via the Kevin Bacon Commercial Generator. Prospective clients can just go to the Commercial Generator site, enter their business’s details and receive a custom Bacon commercial. In a promotional video, the actor stands in front of a green screen and offers vague platitudes for just about any kind of business–demonstrating the variety of who can join in.

“I give their bagels five stars out of a possible five stars,” he says about whichever local bagel place adds a schmear of Bacon to their next ad. He sounds so earnest in each of his benedictions that it feels dangerously close to a national ad you might see. The cheesy puns he uses are realistically questionable as well (“It’s home goods-tastic!”), rather than heightened to the point of utter ridiculousness. One envisions hundreds of local businesses seeing this reel and deciding they should bring home the Bacon.

Have a look at the outtakes below.

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