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For bringing facebook-style benefits to the masses.

Perked up: AnyPerk CEO Fukuyama in San Francisco

Some companies have free on-site haircuts and nap pods. For everyone else, there’s AnyPerk. The startup is essentially an outsourced HR benefit ­program: For $10 per ­employee per month (or less, depending on the scale), AnyPerk connects com­panies with goodies its workers want. In only three years, AnyPerk has scored more than 2,500 clients—including ­Pinterest and Cushman & ­Wakefield. ­Revenue grew five times between 2013 and 2014.

CEO Taro Fukuyama launched AnyPerk after talking to startup founders who wanted to hire people away from lavish places like Facebook and Google. “I asked them what perks they had, and they didn’t have anything,” he says. At the same time, he discovered that larger companies had trouble negotiating for and managing their employee perks. Fukuyama created a software platform that enables workers to access a large network of benefits—including deals on sports tickets, dating-site subscriptions, spa treatments, and localized deals such as ski passes. Now AnyPerk is working to make sure employees don’t forget about all the cool stuff. Fukuyama’s team is devising GPS–based notifications so that if someone is shopping at an AnyPerk vendor such as the coffeehouse Intelligentsia, its app pings them a reminder to use their 20% discount.

[Photo: Damien Maloney]


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