This Is The Ideal Holiday Gift For Terrible Advertising People

The legendary ad man Bill Bernbach might be one of the industry’s most quoted icons. His words often seem timeless in both tone and relevance, regardless if you’re talking about mobile strategy or a magazine ad.

“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion, and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.”

Stuff like that.

But a new holiday gift created by Toronto-based animation, design and VFX shop The Juggernaut for its clients, and written by KBS+P Toronto creatives Lyranda Martin-Evans and Travis Cowdy, isn’t inspired by Mr. Bernbach. No, Ads Against Humanity–a clever industry play on the amazing Cards Against Humanity–seems to get its gospel from the church of Bill Hicks.

Much like its broader inspiration, Ads Against Humanity cards tap into the worst and funniest instincts and actions in advertising. Basically, if any of its answers hit too close to home, RUN. If you want your own pack to play with so you can spend the holiday season questioning certain life and career choices, just get in touch with The Juggernaut and they may oblige.JB