We Can All Learn From This Chill Owl Swimming In A Lake

A great horned owl was spotted taking a dip in the waters of Lake Michigan off the coast of Chicago, hiding, according to the birdwatcher who captured the footage, from two peregrine falcons that were after it.

According to WGN, onlookers suspected that the owl may have been hurt, but once they scared the falcons away, the owl shrugged and flew away like it was NBD. A pretty chill sitch, all in all.

There’s a metaphor here, as this great horned owl gives us a master class in poise. That breaststroke is downright Olympian. Look at how high its head is! This owl could play varsity water polo if it so desired.

There’s something to be said about a wise creature that can keep a cool head under pressure—when you’re outnumbered; when the talons are out; when feathers are ruffled. Something to keep in mind the next time your servers/internal email/CMS go down. Or, say, your entire staff quits. CG