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Dick’s Promotes A Message Of Racial Harmony Via Hoops

People of all stripes playing spontaneous basketball games in LA, NYC, and Cleveland talk about why sports matter.

The protests across the country illustrate a national crisis, causing many to question just how much progress America has actually achieved. In this context, a new campaign from Dick’s Sporting Goods attempts to inject a short breath of positivity as focuses on the unifying effects of sports.

The retailer set up basketball nets in Los Angeles suburbs, the Venice boardwalk, outside New York City’s Madison Square Park, at Cleveland St. University’s student center and in a Cleveland mall to spark spontaneous pick-up games. As one player says, it doesn’t matter if you’re “black, white, or pinstriped,” basketball is something everyone can agree on. In a statement, the brand says the campaign aims to show its belief that in the unique power a basketball hoop has to “unite people and communities, and create bonds between strangers over the shared love of a sport.”

Over the holidays, Dick’s will donate 100 hoops (and balls) to organizations in need across the U.S.

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