Self-Sabotage, Grit, And Job-Hopping: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

The research is in: You’re fishing for retweets wrong, and your intelligence doesn’t matter as much as you think. But at least bailing out of a job you’re sick of after only a year isn’t frowned upon anymore.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of December 1.

10 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Are Holding Your Career Back

If you’re getting antsy about a promotion but don’t know why your work isn’t being recognized, one of these common habits could be to blame. An honest assessment of your behavior might reveal a few of these slip-ups.

8 Surprising Tips On Getting More Retweets Back By Science

It’s not about how often you tweet, or how many links you throw around. Getting retweeted–and extending your brand’s reach–depends on hashtags, followers, and more. These research-proven methods will have you swimming in RTs in no time.

Why Determination Matters More Than Smarts In Getting Ahead

Being smart can only take you so far. People with grit, research shows, go farther than those who rely on their intelligence to carry them through. Could being one of the effortlessly A+ kids hurt your sense of tenacity as an adult?

Why Job Hopping Is Losing Its Negative Stigma

Short stints at many jobs used to be a resume red flag. Increasingly, employers see it as a sign of ambition, not disloyalty. Before you start looking for a new job, read about why the tables have turned in the job-hopper’s favor.

The Science Of Personality In The Workplace

Why do we act out of character when we’re anxious, or copy the traits of people near us? Understanding the science behind first impressions and personality-burnout can help us understand each other a little better.