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The Grand Tatooine Hotel: Here’s The Wes Anderson Version of “Star Wars VII”

The new Star Wars trailer has a more whimsical, meticulously appointed vibe when it’s remade in the style of a Wes Anderson movie. Thanks, the Internet!

If Wes Anderson were to film his own version of the new Star Wars trailer, well, the world would probably fold in on itself, eradicating any trace of George Lucas, Anderson, or us. But if someone were to film a parody of that stylistic clash, it might look like this.

Wes Anderson Presents JJ Abrams Presents [i]Star Wars: The Force Awakens[/i] is a video by YouTuber Jonah Feingold that quickly capitalizes on the hoopla surrounding the new Star Wars trailer. After premiering less than a week ago, the first look at the JJ Abrams-helmed space-battlin’ epic has already been given the George Lucas special edition treatment. Now the new version has remixed the trailer with the aesthetic of a director who is a genre unto himself.

Although it doesn’t quite reach the rarified heights of SNL‘s The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders, aka the only Anderson parody that truly matters, this new mash-up trailer does have a swell command of the director’s fanciful fonts, retro tunes, and studied worldliness. Also, preceding “Star Wars” with the article “The” in the title somehow does seem like something Anderson might do, even if this is stylistic behavior commonly associated with grandparents. But once again, if Anderson actually were to make his version of a Star Wars trailer, the universe would indeed implode and we would all be ghost-shadows.

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