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With An Explosion Of Baby Animals, This Biscuit Ad Ups The Christmas Cute Ante

McVitie’s doesn’t stop at kittens and puppies in its new holiday ad. There’s a baby narwhal, for pete’s sake.

With An Explosion Of Baby Animals, This Biscuit Ad Ups The Christmas Cute Ante

In need of cuteness but overdosed on kittens? Then look no further, this Christmas spot for U.K.-based biscuit brand McVitie’s has something for everyone.

Featuring an array of baby animals including a rabbit, a duckling, an Alaskan Malamute puppy, a teeny Pug, a reindeer, and yes, a couple of kittens, the star of the ad may turn out to be the adorable spotted piglet or perhaps the miniscule hedgehog. There is even a narwhal for the marine-minded.

Set to the ’80s track “Only You” by Yazoo, the ad, entitled “Christmas Choir,” shows a family, who look a little worn out by the festive season, turn to a box of McVitie’s Victoria, a selection of biscuits in milk, white and plain chocolate. The animals emerge and “sing” along with the soundtrack. The agency behind the ad, Grey London, says the animals were cast “to reflect the feeling that we get when we open a box of McVitie’s Victoria.”

This is the first Christmas ad for United Biscuits-owned McVitie’s in 30 years. Traditionally, FMCG brands leave Christmas-specific campaigns to the retailers but McVitie’s has been undergoing a major marketing revamp, which launched in February this year and has invested GBP £12 million in a bid to modernize the brand. The company has run a series of seriously cute ads for products in its biscuits range with the over-arching strapline: “sweeet.” They include this kitten-filled extravaganza for Chocolate Digestives.

Meanwhile, in a fun twist to the seasonal ad battle, McVitie’s capitalized on the success of John Lewis’s popular Monty the Penguin ad. Shortly after the retailer unveiled the ad, McVitie’s responded with a social media post for its Penguin chocolate biscuit brand. Supermarket chain Waitrose reported sales of the biscuit were up 75% for the week following the John Lewis ad’s launch.

Creative direction and copywriting on the McVitie’s spot is by Grey London’s Hollie Newton and the film directed by Randy Krallman.