“Everything We Do On Earth Is About Creativity”: Shauna Mei On Supporting Creative Lives

The founder of AHAlife on her path from finance to entrepreneurship, and what conscious consumerism can really mean.

In this week’s episode of Generation Flux, host Casey Gerald sits down with Shauna Mei, the founder of AHAlife, a curated selection of artisan goods from around the world.

“Everything we do on Earth is about creativity,” says Mei. “Your mission in life is to break the mold and to do things independently that are very unique to you.”

After a career in finance, Mei left to start her site, in the hopes that she could help add vitality to the work of creative people globally: “My mission is to create . . . the infrastructure . . . to support all kinds of artists,” she says. “And if these artists can all make a living and make a thriving business, rather than being the shunt career, then creativity will now be something that we as a society actually endorse and take pride in.”