• 12.03.14

The YWCA Uses “Family Guy” And Kanye To Hit Back At Violence Against Women

See some pop culture icons in a much different light.

Peter Griffin punches his wife. Grand Theft Auto players beat up hookers. Kanye West is surrounded by dead women.


The new #NOTokay campaign from the YWCA in Canada is using pop culture to make a serious point about violence against women. The organization and agency Juniper Park have created a series of 15-second videos posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that use clips of Family Guy, GTA, and West’s “Monster” video to draw a link between the media portrayal of this gender imbalance to statistics that more than half of Canadian women will experience physical or sexual violence, 3,000 women stay in shelters every night to escape abuse, and that every six days a woman is killed by her intimate partner. It’s a sobering message that isn’t very funny, fun, or danceable.

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