This Video Counts Down–And Remixes–The 25 Best Films Of 2014

Little White Lies’ annual video essay on the 25 best films of the year is here, and your favorites are probably on it.

This Video Counts Down–And Remixes–The 25 Best Films Of 2014

It’s near the end of the year and everyone wants to talk about/rank their favorite films of the past 12 months. If only they were all as clever about it as U.K.-based cinema website, Little White Lies, though, it would be more fun paying attention.


Not quite a supercut, not exactly a collage, Lies’ annual Video Countdown takes clips from the team’s 25 favorite films of the year and artfully arranges them to interact with each other. Created by David Ehrlich, the site’s editor-at-large in New York City, the video cuts together moments from artier fare like Nymphomaniac and Birdman with more mainstream hits like Lucy and Gone Girl–all accompanied by an ever-shifting soundtrack that thumps along to the mood of each scene.

Before even getting to the countdown, though, there’s also an ode to the runners-up, which includes comedies like The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street and kickass action flicks like Edge of Tomorrow and Snowpiercer that might curry less favor on sites with lower pulse-rates.

Here’s the list in full.

  • 25. Lucy
  • 24. We Are The Best!
  • 23. Timbuktu
  • 22. Selma
  • 21. Love Is Strange
  • 20. Listen Up Philip
  • 19. Godzilla
  • 18. Starred Up
  • 17. Why Don’t You Play In Hell?
  • 16. Mommy
  • 15. The Babadook
  • 14. Palo Alto
  • 13. Ida
  • 12. Goodbye To Language
  • 11. Boyhood
  • 10. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
  • 9. Force Majeure (aka Turist)
  • 8. God Help The Girl
  • 7. The Double
  • 6. Only Lovers Left Alive
  • 5. Gone Girl
  • 4. Nymphomaniac
  • 3. Under The Skin
  • 2. Inherent Vice
  • 1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Have a look at last year’s video countdown below.