Spotify Releases Year In Review Data

How did people use Spotify in 2014? The company has crunched the numbers to tell the story of how how the streaming service was used over the last year, and point us toward some relevant playlists.

The results aren’t surprising. The top artists were popular acts like Coldplay, Lorde, Eminem, and Future Islands. The top songs were ubiquitous earworms like Pharell’s “Happy” or “Rude” by Magic. “Hooked On a Feeling” by Blue Swede rode the success of Guardians of the Galaxy to become the “Top Throwback” song on Spotify. Spotify breaks down which songs dominated which seasons, with Magic’s “Rude” definitively earning song of the summer status. Sorry, “Fancy.”

The most interesting data comes from date-specific info. New Year’s Day saw the biggest amount of “Hangover Playlist” streams. A week later saw the highest number of “Workout” playlists added to people’s rotations. College campuses in Colorado saw a rise in the number of “Chill Out” playlists after the state legalized marijuana. After Brazil was ousted from the World Cup, streaming in that country took a precipitous dive for several hours. October 25 was the danciest day of the year.

You can check out all the charts and the full breakdown of the year, as well as figure out your own year-on-Spotify story here.DM