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Fruit Of The Loom Serves Up The Holiday Rules For Giving Underwear

Turns out when it comes to your gift list, gitch isn’t for everyone.

Fruit Of The Loom Serves Up The Holiday Rules For Giving Underwear

For anyone celebrating Christmas under the age of 12 (okay, maybe 30) a particular nightmare lurks right around this time of December. It all begins happy and festive enough–they awake on the morning of December 25, tiptoe down the stairs to spy the magical glow of the tree, glistening off the brightly wrapped pile of presents awaiting their paper-thrashing claws. They reach for the shiniest, most enticing package and begin to rip. The anticipation builds with the wonder of which of their material desires will be gloriously met within. The paper is off, the top of the box lifts off annnnnd . . . it’s underwear. Cue the fake smile/screaming.

Fruit of the Loom will never tell you this because it may prevent you from buying its comfy unmentionables for a loved one of your own. Instead, the brand and agency CP+B have crafted a safer set of rules for giving underwear this holiday season. Mom and Dad? Yes. Teacher or your boss? No. And just in case you don’t get it the first time around, there’s a helpful online quiz to get you properly prepared. Just remember, even though your eight-year-old nephew may technically be a “Yes,” he’ll still hate your guts for at least a month.

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