Watch Seth Rogen and James Franco Play a “Freaks And Geeks” Video Game And Then Play It Yourself

Sometimes everything comes full circle. For instance, Seth Rogen and James Franco got their start on the beloved but swiftly cancelled high school dramedy, Freaks and Geeks, and now the insanely successful twosome is promoting their latest film, The Interview, by playing a Freaks and Geeks video game on the Internet.

YouTube stars The Fine Brothers created a Choose Your Own Adventure-style Freaks and Geeks game with the help of awesomely named animator Dr. Octoroc, so Rogen and Franco recently dropped by the Brothers’ studio to walk down 8-bit memory line by playing it. This version of Freaks and Geeks allows users to play as either Freaks or Geeks. Knowing the characters these two actors played on the show, and their general life choices, you can probably figure out who they played as.

The game mirrors both the show and those retro tie-in games very accurately, right down to the clothing details and plot points. The music is spot-on as well. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for the game to get a little meta about who the stars of the show went on to become. For their part, while the two play, they also give kind of a DVD commentary about their experiences filming Freaks and Geeks, which they seem to look back on mostly with fondness.

The best part about the video, however, is that when you’re done watching Rogen and Franco play the game, you can play it yourself.JB