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Japanese Mobile Company Docomo’s LTE Service Is Even Faster Than A Shrimp Gun

It’s an admittedly abstract measurement, but who can argue with the words “shrimp gun”?

Japanese Mobile Company Docomo’s LTE Service Is Even Faster Than A Shrimp Gun

Here is a concept you probably didn’t know you needed in your life right now: The shrimp gun.

If you had “an issue of Marvel’s Deadpool” in the office betting pool as to where the concept of a shrimp gun might be introduced, sadly, it’s time to pay up to whoever had “a very strange Japanese cell phone commercial.” Japanese mobile company Docomo wants viewers to know how fast its LTE service is–and to visually represent the alacrity with which you can browse the web, they created the curious metric which we can only describe as the shrimp gun.

In the 60-second spot, two women load various devices with egg yolk, breading, and seasoning. They then load the shrimp into a cannon (with goggles on their faces, because safety first when you’re firing your shrimp gun) and fire–launching the shrimp through the gauntlet of seasoning, egg yolk, and breading–as well as open flame, before they land breaded, cooked, and ready to eat. The ad is entirely in Japanese, which means that if you don’t speak the language, you’re forced to conclude based on kind-of-difficult-to-process context clues that the company’s point is that its LTE service, like the shrimp gun, prepares for you the thing you want with great speed. At this point, weird Japanese ads have to be really weird to be noteworthy–and that’s where the shrimp gun delivers. Also, it delivers breaded shrimp. What more could you want?

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