The Tech Gender Gap Visualized

The gender divide is gaping for technology and science careers–women make up almost 60% of the American workforce, but occupy a small percentage of STEM jobs.

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Even tech-savvy young girls are less likely than their male classmates to grow into successful developers and programmers, despite it being a lucrative, flexible, and growing field.

With so much data and disparity, it helps to visualize the numbers. A new infographic of research from Lucidworks covers a lot of ground within this sphere–from macho work environments to unequal pay. Here are the highlights:

They lose interest early on: Seventy-four percent of high school girls show promise for STEM fields. When they reach college, that optimism changes: Only 20% pursue STEM-related degrees.

But it gets worse, as they grow up: Once they’ve made it into a tech career, they’re pushed away–for a variety of painfully preventable reasons. Fifty-six percent of women with technical jobs leave mid-career. They cite a hostile work culture and lack of supportive sponsors as the main reasons they abandon these roles.

Those few that make it to the top have to do more with less. Only 7% of tech companies are founded by women. But these female-led enterprises produce 12% higher revenues, with 33% less capital.

Check out the slide show above to see the full research detail.