This Is What It Would Look Like If Apple Disrupted The Beatles’ Album Covers

A decade after the Beatles founded Apple Records in 1978, their holding company, Apple Corps, filed a lawsuit against Steve Jobs’s upstart Apple Computers for trademark infringement. This suit was settled out of court for the relatively low figure of $80,000, on one condition: that Apple Computers would never enter the music business. (Uh-oh!)

Nearly 15 years after Jobs’s empire definitively reneged on that deal with the creation of iTunes, a new photo series shows what it would be like if the company wasn’t only in the music business, but the business of packaging and selling Beatles albums.

Created by U.K.-based home cinema specialists Superfi, these pictures show what it might look like if Apple Records and Apple Computer had been under one roof. As it turns out, the differences would be fairly pronounced. The album cover for A Hard Day’s Night, which featured portrait shots of each band member displayed in tiny squares, would now show the same images as desktop icons. And that famous Abbey Road cover, the one you and three friends have probably imitated at more than one crosswalk, is tweaked to show the members of the band wearing iPhone earbuds.

It’s enough to make Beatles superfan Bono wish that iTunes had never begun, if he didn’t wish that already.

Have a look through more covers in the slides above.JB