• 12.02.14

RIP, Clip Art

Microsoft shuts down the classic computer image library.

RIP, Clip Art
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All good things come to an end. In a blog post from Monday, which, for some reason, has since been taken down (cached version here), Microsoft announced that Clip Art was being sent off to join Clippy in the great digital graveyard in the sky. No more two-dimensional birthday cakes. No more yin-yangs. Nada.


“Starting today, customers searching for Online Pictures in Office desktop products worldwide will view and download royalty-free images curated through Bing Images,” wrote Microsoft’s Doug Thomas. “The Clip Art and image library has closed shop.”

Bing Images has more selection, sure. But does it have this sassy trowel?

Indeed, Clip Art’s low-fi aesthetic has a nostalgic, Word 95 vibe that doesn’t quite jibe with Microsoft’s current design direction. But it warrants a moment of pause from anyone who used to get their greeting cards warm and folded from an injket printer. You’ll be missed, Clip Art.

[h/t: TechCrunch]

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