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Best Ever Marketing Mea Culpa? Arby’s Apologizes To Pepsi With An Ad All About Pepsi

Fast-feeder forgot about a deal it had with the soda brand, but this should more than make up for it.

As anyone with a clear conscience will tell you, if you make a mistake the best thing to do is own up to it and apologize. It’s why the well-worn Watergate mantra “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up” is so… well-worn.

As the WSJ notes, recently it was brought to Arby’s attention that it’s deal to prominently feature Pepsi in two of its ads this year had yet to be fulfilled. But instead of forcing its agency Fallon to haphazardly shoehorn the sugar water into an already existing commercial, the fast feeder went the extra mile with this amazing, amazingly simple mea culpa. Just a pint of Pepsi and the velvet rumbling of Ving Rhames. It’s straight out of the Crazy People school of advertising and it’s beautiful.

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