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Don’t Worry If You Can’t Decide, This New Pizza Hut Menu Can Read Your Mind

By using eye-tracking technology, the brand says it knows what you want before you do.

Make it pepperoni and cheese. No wait, Hawaiian. No, veggie. Yeah, veggie. Okay, no, let’s go with meat lovers. Right. Meat Lovers. Actually forget all that, Supreme. Order the Supreme. Wait, no.

Sometimes deciding on what kind of pizza to order can be an exercise in snack-induced self-flagellating torture. And it takes forever. But now Pizza Hut is experimenting with tech firm Tobii‘s eye-tracking wizardry to create a menu that taps your subconscious to know what you REALLY want.

You’re presented with photos of 20 different ingredients and based on where your eyes go, the menu figures out which pizza best fits those deep-seated desires. The company told the Telegraph that the menu is in “early trial stages,” but could be rolled out in stores. No word yet on how the technology factors in stoner staring or the fact you’re gazing at the bacon and thinking of that time 14 years ago you swore off pork.

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