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This Adorable Footage of People Saving Ducklings Is Really A Hard-Nosed Political Ad

Saving ducklings is awesome. Shooting them is not awesome.

It’s impossible to resist the charms of ducklings crossing the road. In fact, people will go to extraordinary measures to protect these little waddlers from harm. People Being Awesome, a web video you may have seen over the past several days, shows just how far–from chasing down ducklings that have run into oncoming traffic to climbing head-first into a manhole to rescue a single chick. But the compilation of citizen videos isn’t just a feel-good montage. It’s a campaign ad from the animal rights group, Animals Australia asking the Victorian Labor party to change its policy on duck shooting. “Being kind is awesome,” reads that ad’s tagline. “But you know what’s not awesome? Shooting ducks for ‘fun.'”

If the response to the video is any indication, Australians agree. The video received 90 million views in the first 10 days after its release.

It proves that positivity can drive clicks as much as shock value. But whether the video will have a practical impact remains to be seen. Victorian Labor won the election on November 29, but the issue of duck hunting remains unresolved. In the end, the public’s heartstrings may matter less than the politicians.’

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