Watch Airbnb’s Delightfully Handmade, One-Shot Ad

We love things in miniature. It’s why we love babies, kittens, little horses, railroads, cheeseburger sliders, mini cupcakes, those horridly addictive Halloween candy bars. It’s just a scientific fact.

With its new ad, Airbnb, agency TBWA Singapore and New Zealand-based animation shop Cirkus have created a delightfully twee handmade world in which to give us a tour of actual listings featured on the travel site, while also tapping into our innate affection for all things teeny-tiny. On the company’s blog, Cirkus producers said the goal was to make it “whimsical, dreamlike, artistic and fantastic, just as traveling can be… We wanted this train ride film to be shot as one long take, with everything happening in-camera without the use of CG imagery.”

It’s the perfect approach for the target audience of people who are looking for a something a little different and unique in their travel experiences. Like, say, an elephant camp, floating in Yellowknife, or even Steve’s backyard.

Check out the spot, as well as the two making-of videos above.JB