Durex Encourages Viewers To Peek Behind Closed Doors With Synchronized Dual-Screen Film

Durex augments its new ad with behind-closed-doors content via a mobile app and a dual-screen experience.

A new mobile app from Durex allows users to see what’s really going on behind closed doors via synchronized dual-screen film launching in the UK this week.


The Durex Explore app was created by Havas London to deliver beyond-ad content–some of which might not have been appropriate for broadcast TV.

All viewers have to do to see an alternative, synchronized perspective on the Durex ad’s action is point their mobile or tablet at the screen on which it is playing, explains Michael Olaye, the agency’s head of technology and innovation.

The app uses a mobile device’s camera and microphone to detect not just that the ad is playing on a nearby screen but to precisely sync the mobile screen to the exact corresponding point in the original video–a first, the agency claims.

“The idea behind this was to get people to explore different aspects of their sex life,” says Alasdair Graham, Havas’ global executive creative director for Durex’s owner, RB.

“Because of films and advertising, great sex is sometimes seen as something for someone else–beautiful people and sexual athletes. This campaign is about saying: exploring your sex life is something for everybody.”

The campaign was conceived to promote the brand’s first, dedicated UK e-commerce site and encourage people to be more confident about experimenting with products, including sex toys.


“We knew we might have some challenges showing all the products on the site in a TV ad and the dual screen idea gets your around this,” Olaye explains.

Not that any of the content featured is in anyway pornographic, he quickly adds.

Instead, the app’s content neatly dovetails events in the ad, in which a delivery man walks along a residential street to deliver a parcel of Durex products, with additional content showing in greater detail what’s going on behind a number of closed doors.

“A particular challenge was getting the app to distinguish between two different versions of the TV ad–one 50 seconds, the other 30 seconds long,” Olaye continues.

The answer is: frame by tracking and barely perceptible soundtrack cues.

Viewers will be driven to download Durex Explore–available from iTunes and Google Play–by a launch event, push notifications and a call to action advising viewers of the ad, breaking on TV in the UK November 28 and online November 26, is also available on the Durex UK You Tube channel.


“What excites me about this is how obvious it is given how many people now dual screen while watching TV,” Graham observes. “Now, for the first time, this app allows you to explore different aspects of the same content, simultaneously.”

To develop the Durex Explore app, Havas created a powerful framework which Durex will use to further innovate moving forward, Olaye adds: “This isn’t just an app to sync different versions of a TV ad, it also features social feeds and links direct into the Durex e-commerce store.”


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