The RAF Puts You In The Middle Of A Mission With This Interactive Recruitment Site

The Royal Air Force has embarked on “Operation X”–a very different kind of mission that’s interactive, online and the centerpiece of a new national recruitment campaign created by London-based WCRS.

The eight-minute online interactive film, which includes 360-degree video, provides its audience with an online mission in response to a humanitarian crisis during which the RAF is called on to deliver aid.

As the story unfolds and viewers get the chance to complete a series of tasks, the diverse array of different roles that help keep the organization functioning are revealed.

“The problem the RAF had was that few potential recruits knew there are over 50 different roles over and beyond the most obvious–pilot; everything from catering and logistics to dentists and even musicians,” explains WCRS executive creative director Ross Neil.

“They were looking at first for something more traditional using print and TV. But it soon became obvious what was needed was a longer conversation that would be better rooted in a digital idea–an interactive mission, with all other elements of the campaign designed to direct people to experience it.”

Director Kit Lynch-Robinson and the production team faced a number of obstacles, the most immediate of which was how best to design and embed interactive elements seamlessly. A six-day shoot at RAF Brize Norton involving 150 RAF personnel also posed a challenge as filming had to fit in with what else was going on.

“Then there was resisting the temptation with so much great footage to make the experience too long,” adds Neil. “But though we could have gone to 15 minutes, eight felt right for the story we had to tell.”


The end result, now available via the RAF recruitment web site, is supported by a range of media including TV, online rich video takeovers and a 30-second You Tube trailer.

Experience it here.