Productivity Secrets, Origin Stories, And Science-Backed Burnout Remedies: The Top Leadership Stories For November

Think you know Twitter’s story, or what it takes to be a productive? This month we learned more about ourselves & the companies we admire.

This month, we broke old habits online, built new ones that took us offline (and into the gym), and learned the embrace a little noise.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for November.

How To Make New Friends As An Adult

Remember the good ‘ol days, when simply being in the same home room or after school club meant you had a built-in social circle? A few relocations and career changes later, making friends gets complicated. We walk you through building relationships outside of work-based Gchats, and into the real world–where friendships are made.

10 Habits That Make Everyone Hate You On Social Media

We’re all guilty of some of these mistakes–a vague status or whining subtweet, an overshare–but that doesn’t make your followers less annoyed. Step away from the retweet button and check your habits, here.


Secrets Of The Most Productive People

We won’t recommend you keep their insanely busy schedules, or hand out your personal email to customers. But if these people can run billion-dollar startups and become households names, they must be onto something. See behind the scenes of their daily lives.

How Exercise Changes Your Brain To Be Better At Basically Everything

Getting fit makes us more confident and healthier, but what does it do to our brains? Even small doses change our brains’ structures, making us faster, smarter, stronger… you get the idea.

5 Routines To Clear Mental Clutter

You think your desk is bad? You should see how cluttered your mind is! Take a deep breathe, visualize distraction-free bliss, and then make it happen with these tips on hitting the mental reset button.


The Common Traits Of The Most Successful People

Do you feel emotionally connected to your work? Or have your passions gotten stale and rigid? Remember what you’re here for with these reminders from history’s big-thinkers, from Charles Darwin to Steve Jobs.

The Random Events That Sparked 8 Of The World’s Biggest Startups

You probably would guess that Instagram begun in a photography class, but which startup idea was sparked by a police scanner? Or a bug collection? Check out the humble beginnings of big companies From Twitter to Pinterest and more.

The Not So Silent Office Productivity Killer

When you’re in a chatty, noisy open office, complete silence sounds like heaven. But studies show that it’s not so simple: Perfect peace and quiet could be just as bad.


17 Tools For Remote Workers

Wrangling the team together is hard enough when you’re in the same space. When everyone’s spread out, new challenges arise. These productivity tools are here to help close the distance.

4 Simple Remedies For Burnout Backed By Science

Even if you love your job, you might feel like you’ve reached exhaustion. Take the time to recharge by “purging toxins,” finding awareness, and getting a little bit selfish. You’ll be ready the next time the edges start to fray.