This Black Friday, Patagonia Is Giving Away Lots Of Free, Lightly Used Clothing

Every year, Patagonia thinks up a new campaign to stop people from buying stuff on Black Friday, keeping with the company’s anti-overconsumption stance.

In 2012, Patagonia promoted its Common Threads sustainability initiative. Last year, there were a series of Black Friday parties featuring free lightly worn Patagonia clothes and representatives from iFixIt to mend clothing (and a film about people who love their well-worn Patagonia).

This time around, Patagonia is doing another series of events, both online and in-person. At eight retail locations throughout the country, customers can bring in their used Patagonia clothing and get other used items off the rack. If nothing in the store looks good, clothes can instead be exchanged for credit on Yerdle, a platform for giving and getting free stuff that runs on a system of in-app credits.

Patagonia is also offering thousands of lightly worn items on Yerdle that have previously been returned by customers. Those items will be combined with Yerdle member offerings in a special Patagonia Collection.

The Black Friday festivities come just a few weeks after Patagonia announced an investment in Yerdle through its internal venture fund, $20 Million & Change. “We like the idea of the [Yerdle] model because it keeps products in exchange, it keeps them out of landfills,” explained Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference.