• 11.24.14

The Scariest Day Of The Year Gets Its Own Horror Trailer In “Black Friday”

It’s basically a cross between Dawn of the Dead and The Purge: Anarchy, but more horrible.

George Romero may be the master of the “consumerism as horror” movie metaphor, but if the “zombies go to the mall” terror of 1978’s Dawn of The Dead is too subtle (or just too dated) for you, worry not: The fake movie trailer experts at the YouTube channel Nacho Punch have you covered in a trailer depicting the events of the most horrifying day of the year: Black Friday.


Mixing elements (both thematic and visual) of The Purge and, um, the actual events that seem to occur every year when people tear up big-box retailers in search of high-end electronics at absurdly cheap prices, the trailer for Black Friday–a movie that does not actually exist, but probably will once Eli Roth or somebody sees this video–captures the thirst for bargains that leads to the ugly side of humanity being unleashed on one terrible day every year. Since there’s no actual movie about Black Friday, those who wish to see it can probably show up at their local Walmart or Best Buy around 12:01 a.m. on Thanksgiving and catch a live-action reenactment.

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