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Pizza Hut’s New Ad Campaign Is About How Much Italian People Hate Pizza Hut Pizza

This ain’t your Italian granddaddy’s pizza. Extreme!

Pizza Hut’s New Ad Campaign Is About How Much Italian People Hate Pizza Hut Pizza

Do you know whose understanding of pizza is totally outdated and not what the kids want anymore? Italians.

Do you know whose extreme new pizza is so totally hip and with it and for the young people that Italian people can’t even comprehend it? Pizza Hut.

Perhaps the two will simply agree to disagree.

In one of the more curious campaigns from a major restaurant chain in recent memory, Pizza Hut’s selling a massive, brand-redefining overhaul of its menu as too far out-there for Italian people who actually know something about pizza. In a two-minute spot, the brand goes over to the Old World to invite elderly Italians to sample their Honey Sriracha sauce, or Salted Pretzel crust, or Buffalo drizzles, on an otherwise perfectly okay pizza–and the Italians, predictably, find it gross. “This is not pizza!” one white-haired Italian woman decries.

The odd part is that this is the response that the Pizza Hut team in Italy was looking for. Apparently, Pizza Hut’s approach to reinventing its brand revolves around the idea that its current customers thought their pizza was too pizza-like, and are banking on the reinvention attracting people who don’t like what we have commonly thought of as “pizza.” It’s a bold move, basing an entire campaign around the idea that old people who know a lot about pizza don’t like your food, in order to appeal to the youth–and the spot goes the full Poochie at one point, making these poor old Italian people put on headphones to listen to EDM just as the bass drops. But who knows? Maybe the future of Pizza Hut is in being the Skrillex of Italian-inspired bread-and-cheese food products, and all those old folks in Italy just don’t get it.

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