This Is Possibly The Greatest “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” Melting Nazi Candle Ever

One of the most indelible images from the 1980s happens during the climactic opening of the ark of the covenant in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. While the terrorbeams of ghostly light that emerge mostly dispatch with henchman via chest-piercing, the main Nazi villain of the film gets the epidermal layer of his face melted off, with the rest shortly following. It was so gruesome and silly that the filmmakers felt the need to rip a man’s still-beating heart out of his chest in the sequel as an (unsuccessful) effort to top it. Now it’s a moment that cinephiles, and probably just general weirdos, can use to help set the mood around the house.

U.K.-based quirky gift emporium Firebox is now selling the genius item of a Major Arnold Toht candle that lets users recreate that final scene over time. (Blood and milky white face-stuff not included.) The item retails for around $30 plus shipping, it’ll make your boyfriend smile, and nine out of ten melted nazis agree, “IT’S BEEAAUUTIFUL!”

Have a better look at the candle in the slides above.

[h/t: Dangerous Minds]JB