Productivity Styles, Blocking Chatter, And Coding On The Fly: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

We got a lot done this week, from learning the most productive people’s secrets, to drowning out workplace chatter and learning to code.

This week we discovered the optimum noise level for productivity, peeked inside how famous founders and creative-types get so much done, and learned a little more about our coworkers’ styles.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of November 17.

Secrets Of The Most Productive People

Peek into the lives of the busiest people, from Diplo to Bobby Flay. Who’s making it work on four hours of sleep? What about the CEO who hands out his email address to employees and customers? These productivity tips definitely aren’t one-size-fits-all, but they’re a fascinating look at what makes the most creative people run.

The Not So Silent Office Productivity Killer

If you’re in an endless struggle to drown out your coworkers’ conversations without losing your hearing to your headphones, read on to find your perfect noise level. A silent room might sound like bliss, but it can be just as distracting as overhearing the weekend play-by-play from Bob in Accounting.

How I Learned To Code On The Job

A web producer who knew only the very basics of coding shares her stressed-out experience trying to learn on the fly. Take her advice: Stay calm, do your homework, and take a ton of notes.

How To Work With Different Productivity Styles

Are you a Prioritizer, or more of a Visualizer–or something else entirely? Find your own productivity style, and hold these types up to colleagues and employees to see how you can better understand everyone in the office.

How To Stick With An Exercise Routine That Makes Us More Productive

Last week, we laced up our running shoes and hit the gym to find out if incorporating exercise into our daily routine–even in small doses–could make us more productive at work. Using our editorial staff as guinea pigs, we found that the type of exercise, and time of day, changed how we approached our busy lives.