• 11.21.14

Feast Your Eyes On The New Trailer For “Game Of Thrones” (The Video Game)

Ready your thumbs, “Winter is Coming.”

We’re still almost six months away from the return of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, but those who want to find another way to immerse themselves in George R.R. Martin’s bloody, scheming world don’t need to wait that long: Telltale Games’ six-part Game Of Thrones game series should see its first episode hit consoles, PCs, Macs, and iPhones and iPads by Christmas.


The game–which is hotly anticipated by those who’ve wished that they could experience the first-hand joy of being tortured to the point of near-death by a sociopath, or virtually attend weddings that are going to end in blood and tragedy–spotlights a family from the North, called House Forrester, around the same time as season four of the show. And, if the trailer is any indication, the focus of the game is likely to be less on “surviving hordes of marauding White Walkers” and more on “allying yourself with the most advantageous House at a given time.” A voiceover that is either an uncredited Lena Headley or someone who does a killer Lena Headley impersonation explains the Forresters’ situation: As loyal Stark bannermen, they face annihilation or a change in allegiance toward the dreaded Lannisters.

The gameplay will involve controlling five different characters related to House Forrester, across both continents on the show throughout the game’s six chapters. The first chapter, Iron From Ice, should be out shortly, and your Twitter timeline should be packed full of spoilers shortly thereafter.

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