• 11.20.14

“Normal Barbie” Will Have Stickers For Scars, Cellulite, And Acne

The Lammily doll’s sticker pack was inspired, at least in part, by Demi Lovato.

“Normal Barbie” Will Have Stickers For Scars, Cellulite, And Acne
[Screenshot and photo: via Lammily]

The “Normal Barbie,” Lammily, does not officially ship until January 2015. But in her short time in the public sphere, she has attracted gobs of attention for ditching the mutated proportions of “Barbie” Barbie for the body shape of the average 19-year-old American woman.

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When she hits stores, instead of fantastical luxuries like a pink Malibu dream house or a Ferrari convertible, customers can purchase sensible wardrobe pairings and a $6 sticker extension pack. These stickers are called Lammily Marks. Among them are stickers for cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, glasses, bandages, moles, temporary tattoos, stitches, scratches, scars, and dirt stains.

Lammily creator Nickolay Lamm told my colleague Sydney Brownstone that the marks were inspired, at least in part, by actress and pop star Demi Lovato. “I remember Demi Lovato tweeted about Normal Barbie and said they should make cellulite. As a joke my friend said, ‘You should add acne stickers.’”

At first he didn’t think the blemishes were a good idea—especially the bruises and scars, which can be easily interpreted as something more insidious.

That was, at least, until he saw the movie Fault in Our Stars, which seemed to affect him. “A lot of us run away from reality,” said Lamm. “But I wanted to get to the point where it’s like cellulite, and people are like, ‘That’s awesome.’”

The Lammily doll is $25. See more photos of the doll here.

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