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Let Alec Baldwin Solve Your Relationship Woes From The Backseat of a Cab

In a new web series, the 30 Rock alum dispenses no-nonsense love advice (levels of nonsense may vary).

There’s a new name in love life advice, and that name is Alec Baldwin. The 30 Rock alum, public life retiree, and author of A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce created and stars in a new web series in which he takes his hard-earned romantic wisdom directly to couples on the street.

In “Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride,” the actor is billed as an Internationally Renowned Relationship Expert. While perhaps not a 100% accurate title, the actor has certainly had his share of highly public piercings from Cupid’s arrow, making his perspective informed if a bit dubious. The light-hearted series, which is produced by Above Average, finds the actor surprising couples getting into the backseat of a cab, and offering to help them avoid some of the mistakes he’s made. Along for the ride, so to speak, is the hilarious SNL writer, Paula Pell, who feeds Baldwin suggestions through a headset. Future episodes will have different guests, and will continue appearing each Wednesday until all couples in New York are anxiety-free.

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