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Nissan Bought And Restored A Used 1996 Maxima For An Elaborate Joke

The carmaker takes a popular user-generated car ad parody to its branded extreme.

As the digital age marketing mantra goes, your brand conversation is happening whether you’re a part of it or not. Last year, filmmaker Luke Aker wanted to sell his 1996 Nissan Maxima and decided to create an ad for it that took every over-the-top car commercial claim to its hyperbolic extreme. It was pretty damn good.

So good, in fact, that Nissan decided to get in on the action itself. The brand actually bought Aker’s car–engine, wheels, automatic transmission and all. Not only that but Nissan then restored the 17-year-old Maxima to its full former glory and is putting on display in its North American headquarters. Is this taking a year-old joke too far? Maybe. Are we seeing the statute of limitations on a viral video pushed to its very edge of relevance? Perhaps.

It’s a valiant effort but any fan of hilariously fake car spots would be remiss not to point out that it took Volvo barely a month to enlist Christoffer Castor for some branded content gold. Nice try Nissan, but it’s no #LOLVO.

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