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See “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Star Groot Say His Signature Line In 15 Languages

Je m’appelle GROOT!

Groot fever swept not just America, but the entire world, for a few glorious weeks this summer. The talking, anthropomorphized, shockingly violent tree voiced by Vin Diesel who stole the hearts of everyone watching Guardians Of The Galaxy created such a fervor that director James Gunn had to answer questions about why dancing baby Groot toys weren’t available after the film’s release.

This being planet Earth in the year 2014, where attention spans are short, Groot-mania waned as the summer drifted into autumn, and Guardians trickled out of theaters–but just because you may not have seen countless Groots at Halloween doesn’t mean that the glory days have passed. With the DVD and VOD release of Guardians of the Galaxy here already, Groot can now occupy a permanent place in not just your living room, but in living rooms around the world. That’s clear from this video by Marvel, which runs through various Groot-centric highlights from the film–with the iconic “I am Groot!” line uttered/spoken/shouted/etc by Diesel in 15 different languages.

Groot’s international appeal is clear. In French, Mandarin, Czech, Hindi, German, Spanish, or any other language, a big, friendly tree guy with an adorable grin and a limited vocabulary is someone you want on your team. Or, in the case of one English family, in your backyard: this photo that Gunn posted on Instagram earlier of a spectacularly detailed Groot swing definitely takes first prize in the “most creative backyard playground equipment” sweepstakes for November.

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